Our Commitment

We are committed to giving our students the best possible learning experiences and opportunities whilst studying at Grindon Hall.

Every student will receive an individual learning plan and will discuss their progress on a weekly basis with a personal tutor. They will set themselves ambitious yet attainable targets which they will be accountable for achieving. This means that every student is constantly stretched and challenged. Parents will receive regular reports to ensure they are progressing and any issues are quickly identified and rectified.

Our commitment to students
– Outstanding teaching
– A personalised learning curriculum and a professional mentor
– Regular participation in projects and opportunities for work experience
– A comprehensive range of enrichment activities to develop your core skills
– Support to get you ready for the world of work.

Our commitment to parents/carers
– A comprehensive plan to support you and your child
– Frequent progress reports and access to news and updates to monitor your child’s progress
– Regular meetings with your child’s tutor to make sure they are happy and enjoying academy life and to discuss their progress.