Our Vision And Values

At Grindon Hall Christian School, we believe every child and young person is entitled to the highest quality of teaching and learning and it is our aim to see the school develop as a centre of excellence, providing effective care and education for our students and a stimulating and rewarding environment for staff, parents and governors. The school has strong values and a Christian ethos that enriches the educational experience for our students.

Our vision is underpinned by the Bright Tribe principles of ‘Learn’, ‘Grow’, and ‘Prosper’ so that pupils receive the very best education, realise their full potential in a happy and caring environment, enabling them to lead a full, purposeful and happy life.

From this, the following principles are embedded in our practice:

• To offer all pupils an education that is broad, balanced, relevant and coherent.

• To create a happy, caring school where pupils will feel secure and develop in self-confidence and independence.

• To provide a learning environment that promotes high standards of achievement and behaviour having regard to the diversity of modern society.

• To encourage a partnership between home and school so that, through a shared understanding, the needs of the individual child is met.

• To plan teaching and learning so that a positive and enthusiastic attitude to work is fostered, self-esteem is built and high achievement is encouraged through creative and enjoyable activities.

What makes us extraordinary?

As part of Bright Tribe we work with a number of organisations and initiatives to develop our pupils and give them a vibrant and enriching educational experience.

No child left behind

Our aim is to make sure every child fulfils their potential; all children have different strengths, skills and attributes. So it is important that every child has choices and develops the valuable skills that will enable them to succeed beyond school and in life.

Grindon Hall Christian School delivers rigorous academic challenges with educational and personal development activities to provide a rich and rounded learning experience so that all pupils get every opportunity to achieve their potential.

We are supported in this through our partnership arrangements with Adventure Learning Schools and the SSAT.